sRNATarget 2.0 is an update version of sRNAtarget, which is a webserver for sRNA target mRNA prediction. Compared to previous version, the major modifications in the new version are as follows.

First,  all hypothetical binding sites between bacterial sRNA (small regulatory RNA) and potential target mRNA are provided. However, no explicit binding sites are reported in sRNATarget.

Second, longer upstream regions in potential target mRNAs are considered. According to the validated binding regions from the sRNA target database sRNATarBase, the possible binding regions of target mRNAs are located in the interval -150 ~ 90, i.e., -150 nt upstream and 90 nt downstream of the initial start codon. However, in sRNAtarget, we only considered the shorter region -80 ~ 50, i.e.,  -80 nt upstream and 50 nt downstream of the initial start codon.

Third, more training samples are applied to construct the classifiers, which will provide more accurate results.

In summary, the new version will provide better support for sRNA functional annotations.


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