In bacteria, there exist some small non-coding RNAs (sRNAs) with 40 ~ 500 nucleotides in length. with the applications of high-throughput experimental technologies and bioinformatics methods in identifying sRNAs, more and more sRNAs have being gradually found. The next urgent step is to determine the functions of these sRNAs. According to the present studies, most sRNAs function as posttranscriptional regulation of gene expression through binding to the translation initial region (TIR) of their target mRNAs, in which Hfq protein acts as RNA chaperone. Therefore, prediction of sRNA targets plays a key role in determining sRNA functions.

We have ever constructed mathematical model, sRNATargetNB, for prediction of sRNA targets using Naive Bayes method, which can be run on local machines. To provide wide supports for related molecular biologists, here we introduced a webserver sRNATarget for prediction of bacterial sRNA targets.

Try a new version, sRNATarget2.0 for sRNA target prediction


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