Download the program pPIC9 for evaluation and design for high-level expression of foreign genes in pPIC9 vector in yeast.

Following is the help to the program


 Download the file pPIC.rar and use software WinRAR to extract the program ppic under some directory, e.g. c:\ or d:\.


 Double-click ppic program. The program will run, and the following figure is the snapshot of the ppic program.


Extract 200bp from the recombinant plasmid, where the bases in 98-th, 99-th, and 100-th stand for the termination codon TAA or TAG or TGA.


Copy the 200bp into click board and paste the sequence into the Sequence window (the first window).


Click the Evaluation button, the related evaluation results will be displayed in the Evaluation window (the second window). The recombinant plasmid will meet the condition of high-level expression of foreign genes, if the P-Value is more than 0.5. Otherwise, the recombinant plasmid will not meet the condition.


If the evaluation results do not meet the condition of high-level expression of foreign genes, you can click the Design button to design the rational sequence(s) based on the replacement of synonymous codons. At this time, you should set up the parameters in Settings panel. Of course, the default parameters can be used. The design results will be displayed in Design window (the third window).